Information systems agility

Our scientific goal

To design, assess and manage the agility of information systems, at both business and technical levels, in a distributed and dynamic context.

Our tools

Process modeling
  • Suite Oracle BPM/SOA
  • Suite WSO2
  • Suite ARIS
Business applications
  • SAP By Design
  • Odoo
  • Windchill

Our expertise

Supporting the integration of new organisational models and new technologies in information systems

  • Characterize the evolution of organisational models
  • Characterize the responsibility span of software infrastructures
  • Performance analysis of IS processes

Supporting functional and organisational integration and interoperability

  • Offering alignment framework for changing information systems
  • Considering their lifecycle, from design to integration and uses

Knowledge extraction, aggregation, preservation and sharing

  • Identifying, sharing and preserving knowledge in the long term
  • Managing data scale, complexity and heterogeneity