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+33(0)4 72 43 60 74
Office address: 
Bâtiment Léonard de Vinci, 21 avenue Jean Capelle, 69621 Villeurbanne FRANCE



  • Currenly: Full professor at INSA Lyon, in the Industrial Engineering Department
  • 2005: Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches in Sciences, INSA-Lyon, Principes et méthodes pour l’intégration et l’optimisation du pilotage des systèmes de production et des chaînes logistiques
  • 2000: Certificate « Application Consultant ‘Production Planning’ for SAP R/3 », SAP Partner Academy
  • 1997-2006: Assistant professor at INSA Lyon
  • 1996: Doctorate in Production Management with European label, Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1, Planning & Scheduling flow shop organizations with constraints – towards a decision engineering system for production planning & production activity control
  • 1988-1993: Project leader in Industrial management and organisation, DMC (international textile company)
  • 1988: Master degree in Production Engineering, Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1

 Research topics:

Operation planning, operation scheduling, supply chain management, information sharing, ERP systems, EIS alignment, collaborative practices, and their impacts on enterprise performance, with a focus on sustainability.

Supervision of research:

  • Clément DUPUY, Doctorate INSA-Lyon (2001-2004) "Analysis and design of tools for traceability of food products in order to optimize batches dispersion", in collaboration with the company SEC SNC Groupe AOSTE.
  • France-Anne GRUAT-LA-FORME,  Doctorate INSA-Lyon (2004-2007) "A model evaluating the performance of a supply chain" in collaboration with the company ROSET.
  • Anthony VALLA, Doctorate INSA-Lyon (2004-2008) "A methodology for supply chain performance diagnostic", in collaboration with the company VALRHONA.
  • Pierre-Alain MILLET, Doctorate INSA-Lyon (2004-2008) "An analysis of Integration for the measurement of complexity in ERP projects".
  • Emilie CHARDINE-BAUMANN, Doctorate INSA-Lyon (2007-2011) "Models for assessing economic, environmental and social performances in supply chains".
  • Omar SAKKA, Doctorate INSA-Lyon (2008-2012) "Semantic alignment between Enterprise Repositories - Application to manufacturing execution systems (MES)" in collaboration with 7 software providers and LISTIC lab, Annecy FEDER project).
  • Sarra MAMOGHLI, Doctorate Universite de Strasbourg (2009-2013) "Software package based information systems alignment, toward a risk identification model diven engineering" in collaboration with the company FORTAL, and LGeCo lab, INSA Strasbourg.
  • Selma Afakh KHADER, Doctorate INSA-Lyon (2010-2013) "Inventory models subject to inaccuracies under the e-retailing context".
  • Farzad NIAKAN, Doctorate INSA-Lyon (2012-2015) "Configuration and assessment of a sustainable production system".
  • Mourad MAKACI, Doctorate Université Grenoble-Alpes (2013-2018) "Pooled Warehouse Management and their impacts on supply chains", collaboration with CERAG lab
  • Corentin LE HESRAN, Doctorate Université de Lyon operated by INSA Lyon (2016-2019) "Reducing industrial waste: an approach through operations scheduling", collaboration with EVS lab, Ecole des Mines de StEtienne
  • Minh Phuoc DOAN, Doctorate Université de Lyon operated by INSA Lyon (2016-2020) "Work team building and planning problem: models and experiments in the service-to-business context", collaboration with Sao Paulo University (Brazil)
  • Yenny Alexandra PAREDES ASTUDILLO, Doctorate Université de Lyon operated by INSA Lyon (2020-...) "Personnel scheduling considering learning and forgetting process", cotutelle with Universidad de La Sabana (Colombia)

Teaching activities

At INSA Lyon, Industrial Engineering department (master level)

  • Courses and tutorials : production planning and management, supply chain management, scheduling techniques, enterprise information systems (ERP)
  • Project CAPM-ERP  (ERP SAP)
  • Student support (industrial internship, final year project)

Responsible of student final year project, in charge of the partnership with IAE de Lyon (master MAE/GMP), and of "introduction to research" courses and projects.

Main responsabilities

  • Vice-President of National Universities Council (CNU) 61 ° section (computer engineering, control and signal processing), since 2019 (previously elected member, 2007-11, 2011-15)
  • Membre of Collègue du Haut Conseil de l'Evaluation de la Recherche et de l'Enseignament Supérieur (HCERES) since 2020
  • Board member of Club EEA, since 2015
  • Member of the Scientific Council of INSA Lyon, since 2018
  • Member of Comité de la Recherche from IMT Mines Albi, since 2018
  • Member of the project selection panel for CIMES competitive cluster, since 2014
  • Founder and Director of DISP lab, 2011-20
  • Member of the council of Doctoral school Infomaths (512), 2011-20
  • Deputy Director of pôle AIP Priméca Rhône-Alpes Ouest, 2005-13
  • Executive committee member of GdR 717 CNRS MACS: coordinator of "axe orghanisation" (2003-09), animator of "young researcher actions" (2010-13), organisation of 3 editions of JD MACS school
  • Vice President of the Board of the Economic Cluster "Logistics Rhone-Alpes", 2009-17
  • Member of the French steering committee SAP University Alliance Program, 2005-11


  • Member of LabEx IMU, since 2019
  • Member of TC 5.2 IFAC, since 2020
  • Co-Founder and Co-Chair of the Steering Committee of the International Conference ILS (Information systems, Logistics and Supply Chain): Lyon - France 2006, Casablanca - Morocco 2010, Madison - WI U.S. 2008, Quebec - Canada 2012, Breda - Netherlands 2014,  Bordeaux - France 2016, Lyon - France 2018
  • Co-Founder of ERP working group (1999), recognised by the GDR CNRS MACS (2003), subsequently merged with other working groups (currently INE)
  • Member of the editorial board of international journals (International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Enterprise Information Systems, Frontiers of Engineering Management, Supply Chain Forum)
  • Program Committee Chair/Co-chair of conferences (ILS’06, ILS’10, JDMACS’11, and JDMACS’13, ILS'18), scientific committee member of numerous international conferences
  • Expertise for project evaluations (CRSNG Canada, NSERC Canada, Community of Experts  of the ESF-Science Connect, ANR, ANRT, French regional councils), for laboratory evaluation (AERES, HCERES), member of numerous recruiting committees, doctoral thesis /HDR committees
  • Leader or participant in several industrial contracts and collaborative research projects (FEDER, ADEME, FUI, regional…)