Design tools for monitoring activities and support for decision-making in the medico-social sector

External supervisors: 

F. ALBERT (Ministère de la Santé)

Starting date: 
October 2012
Defense date: 
Tuesday 15 December 2015
Host institution: 
Other institution: 
Fondation OVE

Improving the performance of medico-social sector requires management tools capable of quickly and synthetically provide a clear and quantified view of activities towards the users. Unfortunally, today does not exist a satisfactory tools to control activities in each structure, as neither at the level of the managing organization. The object of the research work is to develop tools to aid management and monitoring of activities in the medico-social sector in order to improve the current vision of the medico-social sector too compartmentalized. Closely related to Ressourcial (former information system department of OVE Foundation), this work is part of a CIFRE thesis and is one of the first theses of engineering sciences that address to organizational problems in the medical-social sector. The first scientific challenge of this research is to propose a formal and structured approach to monitoring activities in these institutions. The proposed approach should be able to realize a typology of activities in a very broad spectrum; activities performed by institutions with operating modes, and business cultures, highly heterogeneous. On this aspect, the scientist lock of this work is that the aggregation on the same model, intrinsically heterogeneous operating modes. The second scientific challenge of this thesis is the development of innovative approaches for analyzing these monitoring data and to aid management of these structures from the same data.

KEYWORDS: Production management, Management, Dashboard, Handicap, Medico-Social sector, Business process, Planning