Designing and applying a multi-criteria knowledge based decision support system within a project lifecycle management approach : application for humanitarian supply chain management

External supervisors: 

N. CHAPITAK (Chiang Mai University - Thailande)

Starting date: 
April 2012
Defense date: 
Tuesday 01 September 2015
Host institution: 
Other institution: 
Chiang Mai University - Thailande

This thesis aims to contribute to the understanding of HOLC in context of the HSCM and to propose a decision model which applies to the phases of HOLC the decision making regarding a real situation . This include the implementation of the proposed model to design and develop a decision support tool in order to improve the performance of humanitarian logistics in both national and international relief operations.This research is divided into three phases; the first phase is to clarify and define HL among HSCM, commercial supply chain management (CSCM) and SCM and their relationship. Project Life Cycle Management (PLCM) approaches are also presented. The difference between project life cycle management (PLM) and PLCM is also required to distinguish a clear understanding which can be addressed in the phase of humanitarian operation life cycle. Additionally, the literature of Multiple-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) models and existing decision aid system for HL are analyzed to establish the research gap. The MCDM approaches which implement the decision support system (DSS) and lastly how DSS has been used in the HSCM context.The second phase is to propose a decision model based on MCDM approaches to support the decision of the decision maker before he/she takes action. This model provides the ranking alternatives to warehouse, supplier and transportation over the phases of HOLC. The proposed decision model is conducted in 3 scenarios; I. The decision in 4-phase HOLC, international relief operation of French Red Cross (FRC). II. The decision on 3-phase HOLC, national operation by the Thai Red Cross (TRC). III. The decision on response phase HOLC, international operation by the FRC in four countries. In this phase, the scenario I and II are performed step by step though numerical calculation and mathematical formulas. The scenario III will be presented in the third phase.In the third phase, an application of web-based multi-criteria decision support system (WB-MCDSS) which implement the proposed model is developed. The web-based multi-criteria decision support system is developed based on the integration of analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and TOPSIS approaches. In order to achieve an appropriate decision in a real time response, the WB-MCDSS is developed based on server-client protocol and is simple to operate. Last but not least, a validation application of the model is performed using the sensitivity analysis approach.

KEYWORDS: Humanitarian Supply chain management (HSCM), Humanitarian Logistics (HL), Humanitarian operation life cycle (HOLC), Disaster management, Project life cycle, Decision support system (DSS), Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM), Analytic hierarchy process (AHP), Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS)