Dynamic configuration and organization of the Connected Manufacturing System for a system based on the World Class Manufacturing approach

PhD student: 
Starting date: 
February 2017
Defense date: 
Friday 24 July 2020
Host institution: 
Other institution: 
Fiat PowerTrain

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution (I4.0), manufacturing enterprises face major challenges, in particular, technological, organizational and methodological transformations as well as the determination of the roadmap to achieve these objectives. Knowing that the Lean Manufacturing approach and its derivative, World Class Manufacturing (WCM), are widely used in manufacturing companies, the evolution of this approach towards I4.0 could be the main key to success. This approach and the issue of its transformation is one of the important projects of FPT Powertrain Technologies company, in which this CIFRE thesis was carried out.

To identify the necessary transformation of the WCM approach and while building on the principles of I4.0, the first part of this work proposed some creations and/or modifications in the phases and stages of the technical pillars of WCM.

In the second part, the contribution of this work is related to the development of a decision support system for the dynamic organization of connected production systems. In this respect, we focused on the problem of dynamic sequencing while taking into account real-time data and information about disruptive events. We proposed a mathematical optimization model to determine the optimal production sequencing while considering the dynamic aspect of the system. In parallel, a commercial simulation software, called FlexSim, was used, allowing us to develop a simulation model for the same problem. By using the optimization engine OptQuest embedded in FlexSim, we also obtained a near-optimal solution with a significantly shorter calculation time. The comparison of the obtained results by both approaches, as well as the advantages, disadvantages, and the applicability of each approach in a real manufacturing system are also discussed.

Keywords : World Class Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Roadmap 4.0, Dynamic Decision Making, Dynamic Sequencing, Simulation, and Optimization.