Embedding Sustainable development objectives into the strategic and tactical mangement of the Supply Chain

PhD student: 
Starting date: 
September 2010
Defense date: 
Tuesday 10 September 2013
Host institution: 

We address the problem of supply chain management in the context of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We propose an integrated approach allowing the operationalization of the economic, environmental and social performances at the strategic, tactical and operational decision levels of the supply chain. In particular, we apply our approach to the strategic and tactical levels, for the problem of sustainable insourcing/outsourcing of the activities of the value chain on the one hand (strategic decision), and for the problem of the strategic-tactical planning of a sustainable supply chain on the other hand. In the former case, we combine value analysis with performance measurement using AHP method (Analytical Hierarchy Process), an aggregative multi-criteria technique. In the former, we develop a multi-objective mathematical program that we apply to a realistic case inspired by the Canadian lumber industry. After solving the problem, we obtain a multitude of compromise solutions (Pareto optimums) presenting different performance levels following the economic, environmental and social dimensions, allowing the decision maker to choose the solution that reflects best his/her CSR strategy. This application illustrates the proposed method and allows us to assess the practical value of our approach.


KEYWORDS: supply chain, insourcing/outsourcing, strategic-tactical planning, sustainable development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), performance measurement, multi-objective optimization, lumber industry.