Inventory Routing Problem : Dynamic and Sustainable

PhD student: 
Starting date: 
October 2018
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IRP is the integration of inventory management to transportation problems that suppliers are confronted to to keep afloat the inventory of their retailers. In the simplest case of an IRP, a supplier is supposed to deliver goods to its retailers using a capacitated vehicle with a minimum transportation and inventory cost. Each retailer in this case has a maximal capacity that its inventory can retain. These inventories will be used to satisfy their daily demand. 

In this thesis, we want to, in the first step, treat more realistic versions of the IRP via two aspects: transshipment and real-time re-planning. Transshipment in this case ensure the re-activity of the supply chain by using the stock of a retailer to deliver another one, satisfying the demand of the latter and in the same time catering to some requirements of sustainability. Real-time re-planning in the other hand attempt to answer the problems resulted by urban transportation. Indeed, decisions in these cases are taken without a full knowledge of the events that might occur in the future, such as: a last minute modification of a demand, increasing traffic... In this context, solutions that do not perturb the whole initial one need to be obtained, quickly.

In a second step, we want to generate robust solutions that are less sensitive to the events that can happen in real-time. The finality is to compare the efficiency of these solutions to the ones provided in real-time re-planning, using performance metrics such as the stability of the solution, service rates...