Joint optimization of transportation and inventory costs in a multi-products dyadic supply chain with a probabilistic demand

PhD student: 
Starting date: 
September 2008
Defense date: 
Friday 08 April 2011
Host institution: 

The aim of this work is to propose methods of inventory management tailored to specific contexts in order to minimize logistics costs incurred in a logistics network multi-product, multi-level faces a probabilistic demand. In my research work, we have focused on the following scientific key-issues:

- The proposal of methods of inventory and transportation management for products families in different contexts :

  • The first one is defined to solve the problems identified in a product family characterized by a variable and repetitive demand. This policy is defined by an ordering and a replenishment level for each product and a periodic review. As soon as a product reaches the ordering level, replenishment of the same family products is triggered.
  • The second one is dedicated to a product family which is characterized by a very punctual and variable demand. This policy is based on inventory shortages. Each shortage of a product in store triggers replenishment of all products of the same family.

- The proposal of a multi-criteria classification method in order to select the suitable inventory management method according to specificities of the product and the demand. The analysis and performance comparison of the two procurement policies proposed with standard policies, and their sensitivity with respect to some parameters discriminating: demand variability, cost of products, cost of rush orders.


KEYWORDS : Inventory Management; Supply Chain Management; Multi-product Replenishment Policy; Optimization methods for inventory and transportation problem