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32 Rue emile, Saint Etienne

My name is Mr. KAMHANGWONG, Damrongpol. I was born in Rayong province, Thailand. I graduated from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Chemical in 1999. After graduation, I worked as a scientist who had duties of packaging testing an research for Department of Science Services for three years. Later, I received a government scholarship to study at postgraduate level. Until 2006, I graduated with Master of Science in Packaging Technology, Faculty of Agroindustry from Kasetsart University and worked as an assessor in ISO 17025 for Bureau of Laboratory Accreditation. As an assessor, I greatly have experience in the standard system for laboratory. until 2007, I became a lecturer at School of Agro-industry, Mae Fah Luang university, Chiang Rai, serving in both roles-teaching and research in packaging for agricultural produce. I conducted the research in the field of packaging material and logistic and supply chain for agricultural products. However, since 2002, I have begun to mainly studying agricultural product logistic and supply chain in Thailand and China because of Mae Fah Luang university’s location. Mae Fah Luang university is located in Chiang Rai province, which is the outpost of the major transportation routes for agricultural products between Thailand and China. These two routes include R3A and R3B under the GMS corridor project. Recently, I received the research grants from Cooperative research Project of National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) and Thailand Research Fund (TRF) to conduct two research projects in Logistic and Supply Chain for agricultural products namely 1) Business Opportunity and Logistics Systems Analysis of Import-Export Agricultural Products among Thailand and China in the Context of ASEAN-China Trade Agreement: Case Study of Thailand-Yunnan Province with Port System in Lan Chang River-Mekong River and 3a (R3a) Route system and 2) Studying Infrastructure of Logistic System of Export-Import Agricultural Produces (Thai-China): A Case Study of Yunnan ProvinceThailand with Port System in Lan Chang River-Mekong River and Route system 3a (R3a). Such projects are expected to be completed in September 2014. In addition, I plan to study at a doctoral degree to improve the knowledge in Agricultural product Logistic and Supply Chain. The obtained knowledge after the graduation will be beneficial in both teaching and research in the future.

Research topic :Quality, Safety and Sustainability Value Chain Analysis of Fruit Exports: A Case Study of Thai Fresh Mangosteen export to China