LAVAL Jannik

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Campus Porte des Alpes 160 Boulevard de l’Université 69676 Bron Cedex France

I am lecturer at the University of Lyon since 2015. I supported my thesis and obtained my PhD in computer science at the University of Lille 1 in June 2011, and my HDR in August 2020.

Interested in software engineering, I work on agility of information systems, and especially on the modularity of the software system and the associated development tools. My research is applied to enterprise information systems. Previously, I worked on the modularity of software systems for robotics and realized my thesis in the field of computer reengineering.

Current position

I am currently working at the University of Lyon, teaching at the IUT Lumière and a researcher at the DISP laboratory where I develop software engineering for the agility of enterprise information systems. Before this situation, I was researcher in software architecture for robotics at Douai Mines. Still before, I was a doctoral student in the RMod project-team (INRIA, Lille).


I teach two kinds of lectures: information systems and agile project management. My student are undergraduate.

Before, during the 3 years of my PhD, I taught Network programming with Java at University of Lille 1. During my postdoc, I taught agile methods (particularly SCRUM method) and  Network protocols. Arrived at Ecole des Mines de Douai, I implemented two major educational innovations. The first concerns the teaching programming for robotics. The second is the integration of agile methods in teaching, called ALPES, which will be used in several engineer school of Institut Mines-Telecom.

Phratch Software

Phratch is a visual programming language based on a jigsaw puzzle on top of Pharo. More than just an overlay, the goal of phratch is to bring closer the visual blocks and the Smalltalk language. Phratch is highly extensible, which makes it easy to implement new blocks and new features. The main goal of phratch is to become a robotics development environment for non-expert. It already works on top of the Lego Mindstorms based on the JetStorm API and on the Robosoft Kompai. Phratch won the 3rd place of the “ESUG 2013, 10th Innovation Technology Awards”.


We wrote a book about Pharo Smalltalk environment, named “Deep into Pharo”, which is available since August 2013. I also wrote 2 chapters for a collaborative book  about reengineering.

I wrote my first paper for LinuxMag (a french computer science vulgarization magazine) in January 2010, about tools to improve software execution time made in Pharo environment. Now I have 3 papers in LinuxMag.