Mechatronics Systems Integration

PhD student: 
External supervisors: 

Chokri BEN AMAR (ENI Sfax)

Starting date: 
December 2010
Defense date: 
Monday 12 January 2015
Host institution: 
Other institution: 
Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Sfax (Tunisie)

Industrial innovation aims towards more complex Mecatronics products which combine multidisciplinary domains. The design process of these products leans on multi competencies owned by different actors. The creation of components' facets requires the use of specialized tools. However there is no real global integration within the information system allowing an integrated management of various know-how and fields of expertise, in spite of capabilities certain systems as PLM. Indeed, Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) systems seems the most appropriate, however they do not allow a global integration of the different business domains. This work presents a generic resolution method. The object of this research is to develop and validate a global approach for the integration of Mecatronics systems into a PLM system using a specific modeling. This modeling is based on the life cycles characterization and the use of SysML. This approach is defined from a meta-model that allows ensuring the global compliance of business models without substitution effect. The compliance is positioned on a level of abstraction sufficiently global to replace the complexity of each field. The proposed method is a Model Driven Engineering (MDE) approach, very close to a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach. The principle of model transformation is in complete conformity with MDA. The implementation of this model in the PLM information system is dependent on the meta-model and the system under study. The first implementation tests within Windchill PLM system shows that it was possible to integrate with a semantic structure, links between multidisciplinary business objects.


KEYWORDS: Information System, PLM, Mecatronics, SysML