Models for assessing economic, environmental and social performances in supply chains

PhD student: 
Starting date: 
September 2007
Defense date: 
Monday 09 May 2011
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This thesis presents a framework for assessing economic, environmental and social performances in supply chains. We propose a characterization model for "global" performance, integrating the three performances related to sustainable development (economic, environmental and social) in supply chains. This model allows us to analyze the impacts of management practices in supply chains on a set of sustainability fields, materialized by the Global Performance Matrix of Supply Chain (MPGCL). An analytical model is used to evaluate these impacts, in an aggregate form by a triplet. Three instantiations of MPGCL are carried out: academic, industrial and empirical. A multicriteria decision-making approach for selecting practices to implement (CAMPLID) is proposed. Its application to MPGCL instances allows a ranking of supply chains best practices, based on the simultaneous improvement of economic, environmental and social performances. A more specific study of the impacts of supply practices (individual/shared supply, different rules replenishment) on sustainability fields, based on simulation, complete this work.


KEYWORDS : supply chain, performance assessment, sustainable development, multicriteria analysis, simulation