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September 2015 to September 2018
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Centre Hospitalier Soins et Santé

The objective of this PrHoDom Project is to formalize the emergency plan of a HAD establishment then to assess, organize and plan over time the human and material resources necessary for its application, for evacuating or reprogramming of hospitalized patients. This investigation requires the modeling of an emergency plan through detailed specification of activities and human, material, and informational resources, for each existing business process and each risk management process. Optimization of the use of resources in space and time can then be sought while respecting the quality of patient care, working conditions of medical staff and the efficiency of the resources mobilized before and after a disaster. To this end, different scenarios of natural or human disasters will be studied and will give rise to the proposal of dimensioning, organization and practices in terms of the use of resources. This project takes place in partnership with the Lyon HAD Soins & Santé created in 1972. It is a private hospital of the ESPIC type (Private Health Facility of Collective Interest - formerly PSPH) who provides at patient's home coordinated and important care in conjunction with the general physician.