A QSE integrated methodology taking into account the risks for Moroccan companies

PhD student: 
External supervisors: 

D. AMEGOUZ (Faculté des sciences et techniques de Fez - Maroc)

Starting date: 
October 2010
Defense date: 
Friday 13 February 2015
Host institution: 
Other institution: 
Faculté des sciences et techniques de Fez - Maroc

Nowadays, companies use more and more quality process management and certifications. This is mainly due to the actual economic situation, the globalization and the result of competition. An integrated management system can meet these requirements by integrating three components which are Quality, Security and environment. It will provide a significant gain of time and financial earnings. Several domains of management have been already formalized to meet the needs of managers and to help them to revise their organization and their managerial practices. Our research work tries to present a model of a QSE integrated management system and an implementation procedure of an IMS which takes in consideration different similar aspects of the three management systems in question. Also, we will present the results of an empirical study realized on a sample of Moroccan companies in order to measure the adaptability of our methodology in companies. Finally, to test the developed methodology, a case study will be realized with a company to validate the QSE integrated approach.


KEYWORDS: ISO9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001; Integrated management system (IMS), Process approach; Management of risks.