Quality Improvement of product data exchanged between engineering and production through the integration of dedicated information systems.

PhD student: 
Starting date: 
September 2008
Defense date: 
Monday 27 February 2012
Host institution: 

The research work contributes to improve the quality of data exchanged between the production and the engineering units which dedicated to product design and production system design. This improvement is qualified by studying the interactions between the product life cycle management and the production management. These two concepts are supported, wholly or partly by industrial information systems, the study of the interactions then lead to the integration of information systems (PLM, ERP and MES). In a highly competitive environment, companies are forced to innovate and reduce costs, especially the production costs. Facing with these challenges, the volume and frequency change of production data are increasing due to the steady reduction of the lifetime and the products marketing, the increasing of product customization and the generalization of continuous improvement in production. Consequently, the need to formalize and manage all production data is required. These data should be provided to the production operators and machines. After analysis the data quality for each existing architecture demonstrating the inability to address this problem, an architecture, based on the integration of three information systems involved in the production (PLM, ERP and MES) has been proposed. This architecture leads to two complementary sub-problems. The first one is the development of an architecture based on Web services to improve the accessibility, safety and completeness of data exchanged. The second is the integration architecture of integration based on ontologies to offer the integration mechanisms based on the semantics in order to ensure the correct interpretation of the data exchanged. Therefore, the model of the software tool supports the proposed solution and ensures that data integration.


KEYWORDS : Data Quality, Engineering, Production, Industrial Information System, PLM, ERP, MES, Integration, Ontologies, Web services.