AHMADI Ahmadzai

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IUT Lumière, 160 Boulevard de l'Université, 69500 Bron, FRANCE

Ph.D. Subject: Standardization of Cyber-Physical System for Smart Manufacturing

Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is a smart system that depends on the collaboration of cyber and physical components. Also, CPS link the physical world through sensors, actuators, robotics, and embedded systems with the virtual world of information processing. However, standardization is a  vital challenge for CPS.

The objective of this thesis is to help the industry company for integrating CPS in their production line focused on standardization. The main contribution of this research is thus the decision-making theoretical framework for CPS integration. Furthermore, the application framework of this thesis is the development of a framework that will facilitate the design and configuration of CPS systems to develop a decision support system for production systems focus on standardization.

The contributions of this thesis are summarized, literature review about CPS and standards of 5C CPS architecture, literature review about different type of CPS architecture, evolution of 3C Cyber-Physical Systems Architecture for smart manufacturing, proposed standard for each component of 3C CPS architecture, CPS wireless requirement from exciting wireless technology standards, literature review about smart manufacturing, proposed 3C CPS architecture for Exxelia manufacturing. 

Moreover, Our guideline will assist the smart manufacturing companies to incorporate CPS in their production lines, focusing on standardization.

Work experience

  • Telecom and IT lecturer (Assistant Professor) with Kabul University, Information Communication Technology Institute (ICTI) since 2008 – September 2016.
  • Member of  International Telecommunication Union- Standardization (ITU-T) Study Group -13 (SG13: Future networks, with focus on IMT-2020 (5G), cloud computing and trusted network infrastructures) and Study Group -11 (SG11: Signaling requirements, protocols, test specifications and combating counterfeit products) since 2015 - now.
  • Senior RF Planning & Optimization engineer (2G,3G, and 4G) with Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) Company since 2014 – September 2016.
  • Microwave transmission engineer with Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) since 2007 – 2011.


  • Ph.D. (Informatics) from University Lumiere Lyon-2, France 2016 - 2019.

      Thesis Title: Standardization of Cyber-Physical System for Smart Manufacturing, 2016- 2019.

  • Master’s (Master of Technology) from electronic and communication engineering department, JNTU Kakinada, India – 2013

       Thesis Title: “Cross-Layer Design Security in Cognitive Networks of Cellular Networks.

  • Bachelor’s (Electrical and Electronics) from engineering faculty, Kabul University–2007