Systems lifecycle modeling and optimization

Our scientific goal

Managing data, interactions with stakeholders and tools, and optimizing the product/system environmental profile in a comprehensive lifecycle management approach.

Our tools

Product Lifecycle Management
  • ARAS
  • Windchill
Lifecycle assessment
  • Ecoinvent
  • OpenLCA
  • GABi

Our expertise

Lifecycle management for smart products and systems

  • Lifecycle modeling and simulation in the Internet of Things, Cyber Physical Systems, factory of the future
  • Modeling collaboration between the different lifecycle stakeholders
  • Encouraging distributed decision making, accounting for human and social factors

Development of an eco-PLM environmental evaluation approach for products/systems

  • Taking into account the environmental dimension in product data and process management
  • Include pollution transfer in lifecycle assessment models
  • Develop decision-support to improve the environmental profile

Evaluation and improvement ofsystems maturity

  • Developing suitable formal models (multi-criteria approach)
  • Integrating reputation analysis (semantic extraction)