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Collaboration examples


APR, Catidom, EDF, EnergyPool, Fortal, PIL/Deschamps, Rossignol, Renault, Saverglass, Tardy, Valhrona, Volvo (chaire)


ARS Rhône-Alpes, CHU St Etienne, CHU Grenoble, Croix Rouge, HAD 63, HCL, Hôpital St Joseph-St Luc, LINDE, OVE, Soins et Santé

Information Technology

Agilium, Audros Technology, Berger Levrault, Carl, Courbon, Infologic, KLS, One Point, Processway, Quasar, SAP, Users SAP France, Sciado

Transportation and retail

Casino/EASYDIS, Auchan, SNCF, Toupargel (chaire)

Do you need an expert to support you in continuous improvement or breakthrough projects ?
Different partnership options are available depending on your specific needs.

The laboratory institutions are accredited for "crédit d’impôt recherche".

Internship with research

Duration: about 6 months

Conditions: full-time internship + accompanying contract

Research mission for a M2 or engineering student finishing his/her studies, supervised by a lecturer and researcher specialist in the topic.

CIFRE PhD (Conventions Industrielles de Formation par la Recherche)

Duration: 3 years

Conditions: ANRT subsidy, 14 000€/year over 3 years (2015 data)

A young researcher in doctoral training works in your company and in the laboratory to solve an applied research problem.

Research contract

Duration: possibility for short-, medium- or long-term contracts

Conditions: private law contract written in accordance with your specific needs: new concept, tools, demonstrator, prototypes, patents...

Collaborative research project

Duration: 1 to 5 years

Conditions: multiparty project that can bring together several laboratories and companies.

Possible fundings: ADEME, FUI, ANR, Europe... Together, we look for the appropriate funding.

Exploring a research topic on a medium/long term, involving several companies and led by a research team that can gather several research centers in several countries.

Expertise convention

Duration: of your choice

Conditions: consultancy contract

A lecturer and researcher, specialist in the topic of interest, supports you in setting up a custom solution to your problem.

Framework agreement

Premium partnership on a specific research axis, defined in the long term with a framework agreement.

Industrial chair

Long term collaboration, in research and/or teaching, on a highly strategic, high priority issue.