Guillaume Bouleux, associate professor at DISP laboratory, will hold an invited talk during Paris Healthcare week (2018, 29-31 May) in the "Health research & innnovation" track. Together with Olivier Mory, who leads the pediatric emergency department in Saint Etienne academic hospital, he will present the PREDAFLU national research project (PREPS-15-15-0668). PREDAFLU aims at forecasting the patient flow in emergency departments during respiratory winter epidemics. 
DISP-lab will host in Lyon the 7th edition of ILS international conference - Information Systems, Logistics and Supply chain - in 2018, 8-11 July

Job vacancies (professor, assistant professor, other positions)


Job vacancies (internship, PhD, post-doc)

Workshops - Seminars - Conferences

  • November, 2017, 29th - December the 1st: COMPLEX NETWORKS 2017, The 6th International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications:
  • June, 2017, 21st-23rd: CPSH 2017, The International Workshop on CPS in Healthcare
  • May, 2017, 12th : DISP seminary. Speech of Eric BALLOT, Full Professor at Mines ParisTech, at INSA Lyon 
  • May, 2017, 11th : Doctoral seminary at INSA Lyon, building Jules Verne, room Modesty Blaise
  • December, 2016, 8th , 14h00-16h00 : DISP seminary. Speech of Pittawat UEASANGKOMSATE, Kasetsart University (Bangkok, Thailand) and Ahmed HEFNAWY DISP Ph.D student, at INSA Lyon  
  • March, 2016, 25th, 14h30-16h30 : DISP seminary. Speech of Ahmed HEFNAWY DISP Ph.D student, Taha ELHARIRI DISP Ph.D student and Wanying CHEN Post-Doc, at IUT Lumière Bron
  • February, 2016, 11th, 14h30-15h30: DISP seminary. Speech of Omar El Beqqali, Sidi Mohamed BenAbdellah University – Fès Maroc (Smart product and PLM), at IUT Lumière Bron

  • January, 2016, 14 th, 14h30-16h00: DISP seminary. Speech of Jannik LAVAL DISP Lab Lyon, at IUT Lumière Bron

  • December, 2015, 17 th : workshop on Healthcare Engineering - Amphithéâtre de la médiathèque de l’INSA Lyon

  • November, 2015, 30th : 28èmes Entretiens Jacques Cartier - Amphi Ouest, Bâtiment des Humanités, INSA Lyon

  • October, 2015, 8th, 14h30-15h30: DISP seminary. Speech of Nor KAMARIAH NOORDIN, Putra University, Malaysia, at IUT Lumière Bron

  • October, 2015, 07-09 : workshop "Sustainable  Logistics and Supply Chain Management" à l'EMLYON Business School à Ecully
  • June, 2015, 29th : DISP lab welcome the annual day of GT Easy-DIM working group of GDR MACS : « Modèles de maturité et Projet d’entreprise »  (

  •  May, 2015, 27-29 : The Second International Conference on Health Care Systems Engineering HCSE 2015 provides an opportunity to discuss operations management issues in health care delivery systems. Scientists and practitioners will have the opportunity to discuss about new ideas, methods and technologies for improving the operation of health care organizations. The event will emphasize the research in the field of health care systems engineering developed in close collaboration with clinicians. The selection process has chosen 19 papers on 7 topics for the single session organized from May 27 until May 29 in the hospital Saint-Joseph/Saint-Luc of Lyon

  • May, 2015, 20-22 : International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Sciences (CLOSER 2015) - Cloud Computing Services within a Smart Product Environment - Portugal, Lisbon 

  • March, 2015, 12st, 14h30-16h30: DISP scientific seminary. Speech of Baudouin Dafflon, DISP Lab (Multi agents model for decision making, application to autonomous vehicle) and Alain Guinet, DISP Lab (THREATS Project), at INSA Lyon

  • February, 2015, 19st, 14h30-16h30: DISP scientific seminary. Speech of Nejib Moalla (FP7 FITMAN Project) and Vincent Cheutet (Continuity of information and knowledge flows), DISP Lab Lyon - France, at IUT Lumière Bron

  • February, 2015, 3rd: DISP lab host the next Plenary of ViaMéca cluster, IUS theme "Ingénierie fonctionnelle des Usages et des Services"

  • January, 2015, 23th: PLM Maturity Workshop organised by DISP and SYMME labs (project ARC8 Rhône-Alpes) Annecy-le-Vieux

  • January, 2015, 15st, 14h30-16h30: DISP seminary. Speech of Jean-Philippe Gayon, INP UJF - France, (Airport operations management) and Virendra Kumar SHRIVASTAVA, Asia Pacific Institute - INDIA, (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining), at INSA Lyon

  • June 25, 2014: Workshop "Alignemet and Information System" organized by the WG Easy-Dim of GDR MACS, CNAM, Paris

  • June 12, 2014: Third seminar of the project "Taking into account risks and uncertainties on the configuration and control of a sustainable supply chain" organized by the DISP laboratory and supported by ARC8 and the Rhône-Alpes Region, INSA de Lyon, Villeurbanne

  • April 10, 2014: Workshop on "Optimisation des processus de distribution" (DISP, INSA-Lyon) supported by Cluster Logistique Rhône Alpes

  • October 11, 2013: Seminar of the project "Prise en compte des risques et des incertitudes pour la configuration et la gestion d’une supply chain durable" (DISP, INSA-Lyon & G-SCOP, Grenoble-INP) supported by ARC8,  in association with Journées STP du GDR MACS, Saint Etienne

  • October 9-10, 2013: DISP laboratory will take part in "Les Rendez-vous CARNOT 2013", Campus LyonTech La Doua, Villeurbanne

  • May 29-31, 2013: 3-days workshop on "Configuration and organization of supply chains taking into account risks and uncertainties", INSA de Lyon

  • November 28th, 2012: Research seminar on "Recherche en Génie Industriel appliqué à l'Hospitalisation à Domicile".

HDR and PhD defenses       

  • January, 2016, 20th / PhD defence Umar FAROOQ entitled "Product Reputation Evaluation Based on Multiple Web Sources" at IUT Lumière Lyon 2

  • December, 2015, 15th : PhD defence Geovanny OSORIO MONTOYA entitled "Conception des outils pour le suivi des activités et l’aide au pilotage dans le secteur médico-social" at INSA Lyon

  • December, 2015, 10th : Phd defence Thierno DIALLO entitled "Approche de diagnostic des défauts d'un produit par intégration des données de traçabilité unitaire produit/process et des connaissances expertes" at IUT Lumière Lyon 2

  • December, 2015, 4th : HDR defence Néjib MOALLA entitled "Amélioration de la performance des systèmes d’information en entreprise" at IUT Lumière Lyon 2

  • December,2015, 7th : PhD defence Farzad NIAKAN entitled "Configuration and assessment of a sustainable production system" at INSA Lyon 

  • July, 2015, 23th : PhD defence Sophea CHHUN entitled "Automatic Service Composition In The Re-engineering Of Business Applications" at IUT Lumière Lyon 2

  • July, 2015, 8th : PhD defence Xi YU entitled "A continuous improvement approach to enhance the product environmental performance", at IUT Lumière Lyon 2

  • July 2015, 8th : PhD defence Haiqing ZHANG entitled "Enterprise lifecycle systems improvement based on maturity evaluation and reputation analysis" at IUT Lumière Lyon 2