Research topics

The laboratory is organised in 3 scientific axes :

Axis "Operation management for goods and services production systems"

Leaders: Guillaume Bouleux, Thierry Moyaux

-> Production systems and supply chains configuration, planning and scheduling, for a sustainable and comprehensive performance even under uncertainty

Our expertise:

  • Operations management at both tactical and operational levels
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Managing human resources
    • Taking into account uncertainties and environment-based risks
  • Production systems and supply chain configuration
    • Configuration of flexible manufacturing cells
    • Designing multi-echelon supply chains
    • Integrating reverse logistics and return flows
  • Production systems performance optimization
    • Proposing flexible, efficient and sustainable solutions
    • Integrating several decision levels (strategic/tactical, production/supply…) for a global performance

Axis "Information systems agility"

Leaders: Vincent Cheutet, Nejib Moalla

-> Assessing and managing the alignment of information systems, at both business and technical levels, in a distributed and dynamic context

Our expertise:

  • Supporting the integration of new organisational models and new technologies in information systems
    • Characterize the evolution of organisational models
    • Characterize the responsibility span of software infrastructures
  • Supporting functional and organisational integration and interoperability
    • Offering alignment framework for changing information systems
    • Considering their lifecycle, from design to integration and uses
  • Knowledge extraction, aggregation, preservation and sharing
    • Identifying, sharing and preserving knowledge in the long term
    • Managing data scale, complexity and heterogeneity

Axis "System lifecycle modeling and optimisation"

Leaders: Sébastien Henry, Aïcha Sekhari

-> Integrating heterogeneous data about product/services from design to recycling, facilitating the collaboration between different lifecycle stakeholders

Our expertise:

  • Developing an eco-PLM environmental evaluation approach
    • Taking into account the environmental dimension in product data and process management
    • Taking into account pollution transfer between the different steps of a product or service lifecycle
  • Modeling and simulation of product/services lifecycle
    • Modeling collaborative behaviours
    • Making collaboration easier between the different lifecycle stakeholders
    • Encouraging distributed decision making, accounting for human and social factors
  • Evaluating PLM (product lifecycle management) systems maturity
    • Developing and analysing suitable formal models, with a multi-criteria approach