DISP laboratory

Laboratory booklet

The DISP (Decision & Information Sciences for Production Systems) laboratory, EA 4570, belongs to several institutions (INSA-Lyon, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and University Lumière Lyon 2) and was created on 1st January 2011.

Our research deals with the design and application of decision-making methods and information systems in order to improve the performance of systems producing goods and services, networked companies and global supply chains. The originality of this laboratory is its skills both in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science for companies. These skills allow studying the organisation and control of production systems in all their dimensions, viz., technical, organisational and human.

New positions and PhD subjects at DISP-lab !! see "News"

Head of DISP laboratory : Valérie Botta-Genoulaz, valerie.botta (A@A) insa-lyon.fr

Contact : disp (A@A) insa-lyon.fr