Project type: 
December 2017 to December 2019
Univ Lyon, INSA Lyon
DISP leader: 

Université de Sao Paulo (USP) Brésil

Abstract: This project aims at developing a mathematical model and optimization algorithms to solve planning and logistics management problems for working teams in subcontracting services companies. These problems often arise in companies that supply agents for cleaning, maintenance, support and concierge tasks in industries, banks, shopping centers, schools and hospitals. The services company must select the agents, organize the working teams and manages the routing of these teams to the client sites. The objective is to build the most adequate teams depending on the tasks to perform and the available skills, and to minimize the transportation cost of the agents to their working places. Managers usually make these decisions manually, but with the growing numbers of demands and potential agents, they more and more face optimization problems, which require more sophisticated methods.

Keywords: Optimization, Management and planning of subcontracting activities